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Power Platform & Beyond


You don't want ready-made products, but would rather do it yourself? 

  • Do you have a vision of what you want to change in your company, but you don't know exactly how yet? The Power Platform or perhaps a solution based on Azure?
  •  Together we will find the right solution for your UseCase
  • You already know which products fit your vision, but you still need help with the implementation?
  • Whether you have questions about individual actions and functions or need general coaching on how best to use the services, we're here to support you
  • We offer help for self-help for all Microsoft services: Individual coaching with regular 1:1 sessions or a jointly developed training plan to improve basic knowledge and implement it consistently


  • Why?  
    • Projects without proper management are inefficient and often fail at the implementation stage 
    • Planned, miscalculated, incorrectly implemented - can happen, but often involves more costs and time for important projects 
  • How can we do better? 
    • What: Before anything is changed, a framework for the project must be created 
    • How: Good budget planning helps to plan the funds for the project 
    • When: A realistic timeline defines which tasks must be completed by when 
    • Who: The right specialists are needed to implement the project 
  • Sounds like a lot? We help with all important questions!  
    • We support you wherever you need us: From preparation to implementation to follow-up support for the project through an “on-the-job briefing” 

Let's talk

You have questions about us, about the products or one of our other services? We are happy to respond to your request!

Feel free to contact us!

Your advantages

For users

  • Expandable platform for professional developers 
  • Low code 
  • No programming knowledge necessary 
  • Templates and drag & drop functions
  • Use data from all systems
  • Connectivity of Microsoft products 
  • Familiar operation/navigation 

For companies

  • Create custom apps 
  • Independence from external providers 
  • Digitize and automate processes 
  • Browser & mobile
  • Automations
  • Save unnecessary work (and therefore time)
  • Simple graphical representation
  • Simple data analysis and visualization
  • Data-supported work
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